KNXcalibur boardKNXcalibur provides a versatile networked embedded platform for lab use. It is universally applicable as a gateway and interface for KNX/EIB. The design of the hardware and software is openly available.

KNXcalibur is based on a Fujitsu 16 bit MB90330 family MCU. It operates at a maximum frequency of 24 MHz and provides 24 Kilobytes RAM, 384 KB flash, 4 UARTs, a 8/10 Bit A/D converter and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface). Moreover, USB functionality with device (USB 2.0 full speed) and mini host support is integrated into the controller.

Ethernet connectivity is realised via the Cirrus Logic CS8900A Ethernet LAN controller which supports 10 MBit/s link speed. To support persistent storage of large amounts of data on KNXcalibur without requiring writing to the MCU on chip flash memory and to extend the latter, a SD/MMC card connection has been integrated. For EIA-232 serial connections to the PC side, the design contains true level converters (MAX232) and SUB-D connectors.

Connection to KNX TP1 (EIB TP) is realised with the Siemens TP-UART IC providing layer 1 and layer 2 access. Optocouplers are used for galvanic isolation.

KNXcalibur Board and Extension Board All MCU pads are available on pin headers, allowing extension daughterboards to connect. Additional flexibility is provided insofar as hardware blocks (e.g., KNX/EIB IF, Ethernet IF) which are not required for a particular application can be physically disconnected from the MCU, freeing up MCU I/O lines.

Design files

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EAGLE part library

EAGLE schematic

The EAGLE board layout file is available This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Software and further information

A versatile networked embedded platform for KNX/EIB -
Fritz Praus' master thesis, describes KNXcalibur and contains background information

Test and demonstration firmware for KNXcalibur

KNX/EIB related projects of Fritz Praus

CadSoft, makers of the EAGLE Layout Editor


KNXcalibur SAC Board

The KNXcalibur Sensor, Actuator and Controller Board provides extensions to the main board. The following components have been assembled:

  • I/O peripherals (LEDs, relais, buttons, switches)
  • Humidity sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Light dependent resistor
  • Analog temperature sensor
  • Digital temperature sensor (DS1820)
  • Buzzer
  • DCF77
  • RS485 


Design files and further information

  • Schematic and board file
  • Documentation of the developed user API
  • The software is available This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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